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Military Police

Feldjäger (Germany) 0

The Feldjäger is the military police of the Bundeswehr, literally meaning field huntsmen or field Jäger, has a long tradition and dates back to the mid-17th century. Their emblem is the historic Order of the Black Eagle.

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Military Police (Austria) 0

The Austrian Military Police is the branch within the Austrian Armed Forces tasked with law enforcement and the protection of the forces, military events and Austrian Armed Forces property. In Austria the Military Police is only tasked with internal Armed Forces matters

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Royal Military Police 1

The Royal Military Police exist in order to deploy, they are distinct from their civilian counterparts as they have unique operational tasks that have no equivalence in civil society. The Royal Military Police deploy as part of the field army, both at home and overseas, in support of the full spectrum of national and multi-national, joint, multi-agency conflict, conflict prevention and post conflict operations.

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